The Five Aspects of Health

by Michelle S Fielding

February 19, 2013

There are Five Aspects of Health—physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual. As I observe people, it becomes apparent that the key to health is keeping a life in balance, as defined by the individual rather than by following a set of imposed or pre-defined rules, for we all are individuals and feel and express our individuality differently. As a result, the five aspects of health are defined as follows:

Physical: Reflects upon one’s ability to maintain a physically active life and to live in relaxing quarters at comfortable temperatures and having clean air, adequate shelter, and appropriate furnishing, such that they are not burdened by their belongings, nor do they complain about insufficiencies or limitations.

Emotional: Reflects upon one’s ability to have found meaningful, happy relationships with other people with whom they share feelings of friendship, loyalty, empathy, safety and honesty, thus this person lives with integrity and is able to obtain adequate sleep without the use of a sleep aid, for a good night’s sleep affects one’s health, from disease prevention to their daily emotional disposition. (Billy Joel was not correct, when he said, “Only the good die young”, for those who live with integrity tend to be healthier and to live longer lives. Do you remember any elderly aunt, worker, rabbi or minister from when you were young?)

Nutritional: Reflects upon one’s ability to eat the right type of food to nourish their body, thus eating a healthy whole foods diet that energizes them and helps to sustain their health. Also, recognizing the importance of appropriate carbohydrates, fats, protein sources, and other key nutrients necessary to enable the human body to operate most effectively.

Environmental: Reflects upon the places people spend their time. Healthy people tend to seek employment and exercise routines that are fulfilling to them, where they are recognized by others, and where they sense a feeling of belonging. They also seek the outdoors and to limit the number of toxins they are exposed to, whether outdoors or indoors. To do so, they do not add chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides to their property in any way, they are careful about what they put down the drain or flush for this may end up in our drinking water. The world has everything it needs, and by addressing our own discomforts with toxins, we are likely polluting ourselves further and affecting the health of others.

Spiritual: Reflects upon one’s ability to maintain a spiritual practice that is free of dogma, yet fulfilling to the individual, such that its meaning is heartfelt, livable, and stress free. Spiritual peoples live in accordance with the “Square of Common Good—justice, compassion, respect, and integrity,” which is an over-arching theme of the Whole Health training.

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