Michelle S Fielding does homeopathy.
Certified classical homeopath | Whole Health Educator® | Nutrition educator

Michelle S. Fielding, CCH practices classical homeopathy, serving her clients in complementary and alternative medicine. As an alternative healthcare practitioner, a Whole Health Educator®, and a nutrition educator, Michelle’s consultations take a whole person perspective, appealing to natural ways of healing. Michelle enables you to control your cancer risk, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and many other ailments.


Michelle S Fielding is a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH), and she is found in the Council for Homeopathic Certification directory www.homeopathicdirectory.com. Michelle is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy HERE. Michelle S Fielding graduated from the Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative in Newton, MA and the National Institute of Whole Health HERE in Wellesley, MA.

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The homeopathic alternative

What is alternative about the treatment strategy of a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH)?

The body has a vital force, and the body inherently strives to return itself to balance. Healthy choices in diet and lifestyle pave the way away from ailment toward health.

Homeopathy uses safe, nontoxic doses of natural substances (remedies) to stimulate your body to heal itself. You need a homeopath to choose the remedy and dose.

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Classical homeopath

A classical homeopath follows symptoms and uses remedies, diet, and lifestyle to steer the body towards better health in the treatment of patients of all ages. Simple remedies, diet, and lifestyle changes include medicinal foods, nutritional support, homeopathic remedies, and a mind-body approach. A classical homeopath identifies one remedy at a time, to address your set of symptoms, and follows your symptoms until they have resolved.

While I am very appreciative of conventional medicine, especially it’s ability to diagnose disease, medicate symptoms, and save lives, there is a gap between the conventional approach to healing and the daily maintenance of health that leaves people without a way to actually improve their health. Symptoms and diseases that would otherwise be medicated or surgically removed go away with the classical homeopathic approaches to restore physiology and enhance overall health.

A classical homeopath treats disease without defining the disease. Homeopathy uses safe, nontoxic doses of remedies to stimulate your body to heal itself. You need a homeopath to choose the remedy and dose. You need a classical homeopath to follow your symptoms as they evolve on your journey to wellness one remedy at a time. To facilitate your healing, Michelle collaborates with your current health providers including medical doctors (MD), chiropractors, herbalists, doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO), and naturopathic doctors (ND).

Certified homeopath

Unlike many medical professionals a certified classical homeopath (CCH) will be certified by peers. Other medical professionals are licensed though the government.

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Whole Health Educator®

Whole Health is based on the concept that health is defined by five aspects. When any one of these aspects is out of balance the person’s vital force is out of balance.

Nutrition Educator

Nutrition is focused on nutrients that interact together synergistically to provide our bodies with the best nourishment possible to maintain health and prevent dis-ease. The health benefits of eating the right foods provides unparalleled health benefits because you are providing your body with what is essential for its performance and omitting what is destructive.


Michelle offers a viable alternative to traditional medicine. I’ve enjoyed avoiding the flu by taking the flu remedy. It offers me as much protection as the flu shot ever did, and I don’t have to worry about additives or preservatives in the vaccine that might adversely affect my health when using the homeopathic remedy.

John Ernsthausen


Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Michelle S Fielding’s practice from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Michelle S. Fielding, CCH practices homeopathy in Western Pennsylvania and homeopathy Eastern Ohio. Michelle’s office is conveniently located at

43 Speer Road, New Wilmington, PA 16142
(724) 453-4114

Michelle offers homeopathy consultation in her New Wilmington PA office by appointment. Michelle’s office is conveniently located from Interstate 80 and Interstate 79 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Michelle offers her clients consultation visits via online video conferencing, if needed. Allow Michelle to hear your individual case and consider those parts of you that need to heal.

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