Ecologically sustainable medicine for a new world

by Michelle S Fielding

July 16, 2016

Developing new medicines is expensive. In November 2014, Scientific American estimated the cost to develop new pharmaceutical drugs exceeds $2.5 billion dollars. This cost does not include the cost on the environment. Ecologically Sustainable Medicine (EMS) is an emerging field that lives at the intersection of personal health, healing, and environmental sustainability.

EMS gives us greater health and well-being while promoting the health and vitality of our families, our community, and the global ecosystem for which we are responsible. Our healing process is deeply connected to the health of the world in which we live.

Homeopathy is the most ecologically sustainable medicine available. The process of making homeopathic remedies by diluting and shaking them hundreds, even thousands of times means that a minute amount of the original substance can be transformed into enough healing remedies for the whole of the planet.

Homeopathy is an ideal way to use nearly-extinct plants from the rainforest, for nearly every homeopathic remedy is made from a natural substance. On the contrary, allopathic medicine uses many synthetic and toxic treatments that are originally tested on animals and threaten their health. Yet in homeopathy, before remedies are chosen for our clients, the remedies are put through a process called a “proving”. A proving is when healthy people take a dose of the remedy and describe their own reactions in terms of their moods, energy and dreams as well as physical symptoms. In the process, many people feel they are tuning into the consciousness of the plant or animal from which the remedy was extracted. It helps us to feel connected to the great web of life on this planet and grateful to the creatures which can each offer us a different type of healing energy.

Homeopathy is a health care system that has virtually no waste, is most cost effective, and is truly focuses on your health.

For more inspiration, please see the following article:

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