Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q? What is a homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a natural method of healing with the use of substances from nature, including minerals, botanicals, and biological substances, administered in minimal doses. Homeopathy is based on four tenets:
1. Like cures like
2. Minimum dose
3. Totality of the symptoms
4. Vital force

Thus, homeopaths consider the wholeness of a person with an objective to first, due no harm.

Q?What does Whole Health mean?


Whole health refers to caring for the whole person—body, mind and spirit. The traditional medical system has become so specialized and fragmented, that the wholeness of the individual has been lost. To be treated as a whole person, the five aspects of health must be brought into balance, for everyday individuals are diagnosed with chronic disease and illnesses, many of which have symptoms that can be addressed through lifestyle changes and holistic practices. Let me inspire you to join me in adopting a whole health lifestyle!

Q?Is a holistic approach to health appropriate for me?


A holistic approach to health is appropriate for people of all ages. Most Americans are health illiterate, and don’t think of natural laws of health nor read evidence-based information on health. Michelle’s objective is to drive a relationship centered on one-on-one health education and a symptom-based homeopathic assessment to address the aspects of health and healing of the whole person. Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing the whole person based on the totality of their symptoms.

Holistic health considers all aspects of your health, specifically appropriate lifestyle choices relative to your physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, spiritual, and healing approaches, and whether they are bringing you to a state of sustainable health. While many diets focus on what you should not eat, Michelle will focus on what you should eat and do to gain stamina, improve your health, prevent dis-ease, feel happier, and strengthen your vital force.

Investing in health with Michelle awards you the opportunity to enrich your health with evidence-based, integrated information, and tune your vital force.

Q?Why is Whole Health Eduction® becoming so popular?


Whole Health Education® is evidence-based education for people of all ages, about the cause and effects of health and dis-ease. A Whole Health Educator® will drive a relationship centered, one-on-one health education engagement to address the aspects of health and healing of the whole person. If people understood how to keep themselves healthy, they would find a better quality life, and be able to spend much less of their money on medical services.

Q?What is a Homeopath going to do for me that my doctor doesn’t?


A homeopath is not a MD or a DO, but is a practitioner who has spent three years of formal education learning with live cases, to treat people with natural remedies. Physicians tend to diagnose and treat your diseases with medicines and surgeries, while a homeopath will spend hours listening and observing you in a non-judgement way, to fully understand what ails you, and then will devise a way of healing you, in an effort to retune your vital force with remedies made from botanicals, mineral and biological substances.

Q?I would like to loses weight but have tried several diets before and always gain it back, can a Whole Health Educator® | help me?


While many diets focus on counting calories and what you should not eat, Michelle will demonstrate to a client that their diet is one aspect of their weight gain, and that there are other natural means that can be employed to aid in their weight loss and facilitate a healthier lifestyle, helping you to achieve a higher state of health.

Q?I have always managed my weight by counting calories, yet I was told I should speak with a holistic practitioner, why?


What we eat affects our weight, our health, and our behavior. While calorie counting affects our weight, there are empty calories that provide no nutrition to support our health. Our objective should be to fuel our bodies with nourishing foods so that will improve our health, and also to eliminate toxins that we encounter in our environment to reduce our toxicity. Beyond our diet, there are many other lifestyle choices that affect our health and homeopathics is an effective why of facilitating better health.

Q?My parents had some debilitating chronic diseases that they suffered with and I fear I will get these when I get older, how would homeopathy or other holistic measures address this concern?


Homeopaths are taught to address the whole person. Through a comprehensive assessment, I will listen and inquire into your family and personal health history and your current set of symptoms to ascertain your health risks. Homeopaths offers remedies to help heal what ails you. Whole health and nutritional teachings offer remedies and advise to mitigate the likelihood of you being affected by those genes.